Newly Released Emails Show UC Berkeley Chancellor Didn't Object When Told About Baton Use On Protesters


From my latest on HuffPost:

Linda Lye, an attorney with the ACLU of Northern California, told HuffPost that the emails reveal it wasn’t just a couple of “bad apples” on the police force.

“What this shows is [Birgeneau] was also responsible, in the additional sense of creating the environment,” Lye said. “He set the tone, gave the directive … This is a larger systemic problem.”

On Nov. 28, 2011, Birgeneau told faculty at a meeting that he explicitly prohibited police from using tear gas or pepper spray, but that “unfortunately, we did not at the same time discuss the use of the baton.”

UC Berkeley campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said the emails didn’t indicate what was authorized, but did tell HuffPost that “any authorization comes beforehand.”

“His comments [in the emails] were neither an authorization for or a prohibition against future use,” Mogulof said. “The policy itself [of no encampments] still stood without any entry into discussion of tactics.”

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A little insight into my brain.: Policing The Sky For A Living


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any writing and I recently came up with this piece for an Occupy SFSU collection of artwork and literature. It is written from the perspective of a police officer, in case it wasn’t apparent.

Policing The Sky For A Living

I don’t want you to be my reflection.

I have an addiction to breaking mirrors with my hands naked because they’re the only part of me where the blood can still wash off.

It is 2:53 PM and my back is turned to the sun so my face can remain as cold as the iron that has formed around my fist from holding my hopes hostage, and these blue eyes reflect a sky marked by a bullet that made its way through without asking for a bargain.

I stopped looking at the face of my clock six years ago, when the blood of my victims made its way back to my conscience, forming deltas under my brows and bringing my smile down to ground zero.

To be completely honest, all I’ve ever wanted to be was somebody’s hero, but love is as foreign to me as an Israeli Prime Minister admitting that borders only exist to keep birds from flying away.

My faith runs deep.

Within my bloodstreams, Jesus fish declare these rivers a spawning ground.

It is the white blood cells that keep me alive,

But it is always the dove that descends from flight when I walk under their wings.

And I want you to feel the grace of shattered glass re-born into Mace so you know

what it’s like to have a bullet interrupt your sky.

I have an addiction to breaking mirrors, because God told me to do it.


National “News” 


National “News” 

Video Proof of Unjust Mass Arrest and Media Spin at Occupy Oakland 1/28/12


Please Read Special Message of Support for Terence who may be in custody in Alameda County Jail
"Terence and I were at the Occupy Oakland protest yesterday around 1 pm and stayed into the evening. we were there to take photos and video and were not planning to get arrested.
I was with Terence the whole day , the last time I saw him was in front of the YMCA. The police rushed the building with out a dispersal order. 
I was was arrested and lost sight of Terence around 6:45pm.
I have 2 phone calls from him on my phone shorty after I was arrested.
I tried to call him around 2 pm but no answer.
I think he may have been arrested he has not answered his phone. I was arrested around 6:30 pm and did not get released until 7am. I believe that many of those arrested after my group were taken to Santa Rita county jail in Dublin.
I called the NLG to see if they have any info on Terence but he is not showing up in the Alameda County jail database yet but there are still hundreds of arrests to process you can check immate’s that have been processed by using this website
Please keep him in your thoughts he may not be released until Mon morning.
I will keep trying to find out info if anyone had heard any news let me know



“Police Violence at UC Riverside Regents’ Meeting” - This is how our government treats the leaders of tomorrow.

Occupy realness

Occupy realness


riot police reading demand to disperse #occupysfsu~4:32am December 21st, 2011 


riot police reading demand to disperse #occupysfsu
~4:32am December 21st, 2011